Let's get
our Shit Together

Life + Sales Mentoring Program

Who is Amy Joy?

I am a Mentor/Coach at Let’s Get Our Shit Together where I have a wholistic program that not only raises the bottom line but changes lives.
I have been the Top Sales Representative for PROVAC for many years as well as an Assistant Manager, leading by example on how to influence and sell ethically and am also Co-Owner of Lux Life Vacations and Iwanna. I have also gained much experience from 4 years work as a missionary in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, as a teachers aid of special needs children, and as a camp counselor for many years.

I am a lover of people and am passionate in helping and inspiring them to have extraordinary lives.
I am a single mother of three sons, avid traveler having been to 55 countries, love to salsa dance, and kick the boys’ butts in hockey and soccer.

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About the Course

This course will build a strong foundation for life and the art and science of influence. I will discover and empower the gifts and abilities that already exist within each person. The end result being optimization in every category, taking life and sales to the next level.


To help and inspire people to live life to the fullest.


Fearless, boundless, positive energy and loves unconditionally.


You will have the best year of your life!


Genuine leadership driven by overflowing joy of freedom and success.


As leadership, your challenge when trying to develop and allocate training resources is this:

  • Hectic employee schedules.

  • Dispersed workforce.

  • Different learning methods.

  • Lack of engagement and short term results.

  • Training that isn’t relevant.

  • Costs, costs and costs.



Majority of the course will be once a week, 2 - 2.5 hours either in person or online.


Due to the online course, students can be wherever they are.


I am aware of the different learning methods and will be teaching visually and auditorily.


Consistent weekly classes will keep people engaged and will ensure consistent results.


I've worked in time share for 11 years, working in marketing as in V.C., sales, management and as a sales trainer. I know what is needed and wanted.


You will save on travel and expenses due to the online aspect.



Weekly classes for 11 sessions or twice a week as you prefer. 


Access to me via text or calling to answer any questions or concerns.


A call to action will be required at the end of each class and will be reviewed by me.


A manual and diploma will be provided at the end of the Course.
Mazatlan Group with Amy
Generation 2 group with Amy Hachey


Session 1

Control your state. To be at a high level of energy anytime you demand yourself to have it even during tough times.

Session 2

Understanding your needs and the needs of others at the deepest level, in order to help them get what they want.

Session 3 + 4

How to decide, act and accomplish goals with excitement.

Session 5

How to organize finances in a way that allows you to do all that you want and are excited about.

Session 6

How to take care of our health in order to live with vitality.

Session 7

Steps of the Sale

Session 8

The steps of the sale Part 2

Session 9

How to ask emotionally charged questions.

Session 10

Overcoming objections.

Session 11

Q&A to cover any needs, wants and desires.



Minimum increase in sales volume.


Happier, balanced, excited, motivated, confident, and richer emplyees.


More capable in teaching and inspiring co-workers. The tide raises all boats.


Every situation is different and I want to customize the course to meet your needs as much as possible.

So please feel free to contact me so that we can choose the best course of action and agree on a cost that works for everyone.


My name is Adam Larsen and I am the sales director for Fiesta Americana Vacation Club in Los Cabos where I have worked for 16 years. I have had the great privilege of working with Amy Joy for 9 years. As a sales rep she was our top producer not just for our resort but for the entire company which includes 26 different sales centers within Mexico. She holds the company record for volume sold in a year and VPG which she maintained at over $20,000 every year. She has been inducted into the PROVAC hall of fame. Amy is a superstar. Her most valuable contributions however were as a manager and trainer where she served for 6 years. During that period she was a key factor in doubling our sales volume as a team(from 15 million/yr to 30 million during that period). As a trainer Amy is the best I´ve ever seen. I cannot recommend highly enough Amy Joy as a trainer and a coach. In my opinion she is the very best our industry has to offer.


Adam Larsen
Sales Director Fiesta Americana Vacation Club Los Cabos

  • La Donna Ross

    “They say that great things come in small packages and that is what I see and have experienced with Amy.
    Dynamite embodied in a small petite woman. I was pleasantly surprised to attend a course with her and became totally blown away with her dynamic presence.
    Her infectious energy and inviting spirit and vulnerability showed us who she really was.
    As a professional in the business world and now retired as a manager and developer of corporate employees I found myself captivated not only by the information that was shared but her ability to engage all of us that attended this course.
    This information was for many of us new and the manner in which she presented it was easy to understand, grasp and retain.
    We all agreed at the end of this six week course that what we have learned from Amy and the manner in which she had presented it would truly help us create a life changing journey for us all.”

  • Raul Cinta

    “I'm the happiest person for meeting Amy. It basically has changed my life completely. Because more than sales, which was my main reason to take the course, Amy taught me about a lifestyle and how to change my habits. Sales is a lifestyle. You need to be balance financially and spiritually.”

  • Alberto Ortiz

    “I enjoyed every single class and the energy and the way I felt after each one. It has completely changed my life for the better. I am more focused and have started to do things I always knew I needed to do but haven’t. Now I’m getting them done and it feels amazing.
    I encourage everyone to take this course if you have the chance.”

  • Mitzi Ortiz

    “I really enjoyed the course. It was easy, well explained, fun and worth every cent.“

  • Ana S. Arce

    “Amy’s course is simple, easy, fun and life changing. It is for everyone who wants to be happy and successful.”

  • Anna Cruise

    “I learned a lot of new skills that will help me in all aspects of my life including my inner self, my relationships, my career, my life goals, finances, etc.”

    “In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.”


    Tony Robbins

    Thank You!